Keeping My Kicks Clean ALL Summer Long

There's been a lot of talk about what shoe cleaner is the best, why you would pay for a cleaner when you can use dish soap and a toothbrush, or even what makes a shoe cleaner different from any other cleaning or generic soap products.

Shoe Cleaner


I've tried several products:

- A toothbrush is small and takes to long to clean an entire shoe

-Dish soap is dry and doesn't ever feel concentrated enough

-Cleaning products that are NOT made for shoes are not safe

-Most products have really hard brushes that damage shoes

-Dye, alcohol and even too much oil can cause damage immediately or even over time

  -I've also tried Jason Markk, Crep, Air Legends, Force Field, Reshoevn8r, Shoe MGK and generic cleaners that you can get at Champs and Finishline. 

Here's what I found:

I prefer Reshoevn8r over other brands. Reshoevn8r is 100% all natural and is based out of the United States. Reshoevn8r has a ton of products in their line, so you can just about get anything you need for any type of shoe that you need to clean. Customer Service is always on point, and they offer a genuine care for helping you learn how to use their products and learning product knowledge. Need to clean your favorite pair of shoes? Buy Reshoevn8r here!

Did you know that Reshoevn8r is the only company to date that offers a quick clean AND a DEEP clean kit?

Watch me deep clean my favorite gym shoes   here  !

Watch me deep clean my favorite gym shoes here!